Stone Sour : Revolver Road to the Golden Gods

Early on in their Revolver Road To The Golden Gods tour stop in Atlantic City, NJ, Stone Sour front man Corey Taylor promised that they were "gonna rip your fucking heads off tonight."  Anyone who was at the show can attest that it was no idle boast as Taylor and his band mates tore through a fifteen song career spanning whirlwind set at the House of Blues in Atlantic City with great power and beautiful anger.  The band opened with the potent double salvo of "Gone Sovereign" and "Absolute Zero" from last year's House of Gold & Bones Pt. 1 album, setting the tone for the dark ride they were going to take the crowd on.  They played a double shot of songs from What(ever) May Come with the machine riffage and wailing lead guitar of "Hell & Consequences" and a brutal and emotional "Made Of Scars" which Taylor introduced by talking about the Stone Sour fans being "one big fucking family."  Guitarists Jim Root and Josh Rand were on top of their game, nailing leads and delivering crunching riffs with ease and birthday boy drummer Roy Mayorga was loud and precise.  Taylor proved why he is annually in the running for best metal singer awards with a memorable performance of equal parts subtlety and brute force - singing beautifully or viciously depending on what the moment called for. Between the moments of darkness in song came shafts of light as Taylor smiled regularly, playfully flipped off the crowd, tossed water bottles to see if he could get one into the balcony (he did) and repeatedly expressed his love for the fans and thanked them fro their support.  They played one new song from the forthcoming House of Gold & Bones Pt. 2, the strong, chugging rocker "Do Me A Favor," giving the fans a taste of the next stop on the band's journey.  Late in the set Taylor took the stage alone and played a snippet of Alice In Chains' "Nutshell" that segued into a star soul baring "Bother."  Taylor followed that with an inspired, moving performance of "Through Glass."  Taylor encouraged the crowd to sing along to these numbers and received a throaty passionate response.  He seemed visibly moved by the love and participation from the crowd and fiercely tapped his chest and pointed out into the audience to show his appreciation and return the love.  It was just the calm before the final storm thought, as things quickly got loud again.  Twin serpentine leads from the guitarists announced the arrival of two more numbers from God & Bones Pt. 1  First the vaguely middle-eastern brief power ballad "The Travelers, Pt. 2" arrived as the beautiful beginning of the end of the night's journey.  The silence created by that song quickly shattered by a bone-crushing "Lat of The Real" with Taylor promising that he would "tear this place apart /'till you five me what I want, " with everyone in attendance believing him.  The band closed with the explosive, Grammy nominated "30/30 150."  Depending on who you talk to, the song is either an ode Taylor's climb from being bullied school kid to one of the most recognized singers in the world or a code for nuclear annihilation of your enemies.  Regardless of your interpretation of the song, two things were clear - Taylor's climb was complete and nuclear annihilation never felt so good.

Gone Sovereign
Absolute Zero
Mission Statement
Hell & Consequences
Made of Scars
A Rumor of Skin
Do Me a Favor
Say You'll Haunt Me
Through Glass
The Travelers, Pt. 2
Last of the Real

Written Review: Pete Troshak

Band: Stone Sour
Event: Revolver Road to the Golden Gods Tour
Venue: House of Blues
City: Atlantic City, NJ
Date: April 6, 2013
Photographer: Derek Brad

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