Aiden : Vans Warped Tour

Band: Aiden
City: Camden, NJ
Stage: Ernie Ball
Date: July 17, 2009
Photos: DerekBrad Photography
Comment: If Elvis was still alive I believe that William Control of Aiden could possibly be him back from the dead. Except for the music, tattoos, shirt that says "I am the Devil", guitar that says "Fuck Religion", dark makeup, microphone swinging and band members. Wait so I compared him to Elvis why? It must be the similar hair and THE SCREAMING GIRLS that were fainting and crying when they got to touch him! I was in the photo pit when he told the security he wanted the crowd to come up to the stage. When he announced this the crowd of mainly screaming girls rushed towards the stage and me, pushing me up against the stage. At least they were girls and I was the biggest, except for security, in the pit. I did however get a lot of great shots. A girl next to me fainted when she touched William. He was the third singer of the day to swing around a microphone. Look at the photos again of William and the fans and judge for yourself.

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kitt3nx4x3v3r said...

I knew i saw u b4! i was at this concert! front row!


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