In This Moment : Revolver Road to the Golden Gods Tour

In This Moment took the stage in darkness and flashing lights on Saturday night before an wage crowd at the House of Blues in Atlantic City, NJ.  Singer Maria Brink mounted what appeared to be a pile of rubble on the stage and grabbed the two poles at either side of her made of skulls, the lights came up and the show was on, They led off their set with "Rise With Me," letting things slowly build before dropping their first bomb of the night in the form of "Adrenalize."  With its stuttering stinging guitar and alternately cooing and savage vocals by singer Brink the song showed the fans what they were in for during the band's short set opening for Stone Sour on the Revolver Road To The Golden Gods Tour.  Brink head-banged and gyrated her way through the set while her pedestal of ruins, blonde hair flying and windblown as the band rage behind her delivering and aggressive memorable performance.  The music wasn't the only attraction, visually Brink made statements by makeing multiple costume changes during an eight song set.  She was at different times a nurse, a schoolgirl wearing a cone-shaped hat that said WHORE on it (during "Whore," appropriately), a cape wearing angel and a soldier who shot smoke from a cannon while wearing a helmet with bunny ears on top of it.  Near the end of their set Brink danced with a ridiculously tall man wearing a suit and full head bunny mask while performing "The Beast Within" and closed her set with a vicious, relentless "Blood" before leaving the stage to a loud ovation from a crowd that was left happy and thirsting for more.

Rise With Me
The Gun Show
Beast Within

Written Review: Pete Troshak

Band: In This Moment
Event: Revolver Road to the Golden Gods Tour
Venue: House of Blues
City: Atlantic City, NJ
Date: April 6, 2013
Photographer: Derek Brad

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