We Are The Fallen

Band: We Are The Fallen
Venue: Electric Factory
City: Philadelphia, PA
Date: March 26, 2010
Photographer:  DerekBrad
contact:  derek@derekbrad.com


Anonymous said...

Dude those are BEYOND sick. Really love the looking-up-from-the-ground POVs too. Thanks for posting and sharing!


MarcyTri said...

GREAT GREAT SHOTS OF THE BAND, ESP. CARLY!! WOOHOO! i hope this group makes it big!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you Derek and Marcy for your kind comments. I hope that this group makes it as well. I have a good feeling after seeing them live that they will do just fine.

Anonymous said...

great pics of carly and the guys!

Corin said...

These pictures are sickly amazing! the pictures of carly are awesome! the POV is great too..it gives it a cool look. i love that the pics are in black and white! great pics!!

Unknown said...

Thank you Corin! Yeah I wanted the feel of the band to come through with the black and white.

Unknown said...

wow you got some crazy awesome pictures there!
probably the best i've seen of the band :-)


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