Blue Hippopotomus

Band: Blue Hippopotomus
Venue: North Star Bar
City: Philadelphia, PA
Date: July 9, 2009
Photographer: DerekBrad Photography
Comments: At first listen the evocative sounds of Blue Hippopotamus seem to transcend you into a world of mystery and desire. The haunting lyrics combined with Caitlin Jaene’s sultry voice could warm your skin on the coldest of days. Their sound is surprisingly imaginative and fresh in a time where it’s hard to decipher one band from the next. After a few transitions with band members, Blue Hippo comes back with a renewed intensity on their latest EP “Volume 2.” The title track, “Superhero‘s” lyrics purr a scenario of love and hurt that reward deeper analysis. This up and coming band has an almost indescribable ethereal feel that conjures up memories of passion we aren’t quite ready to forget.
Written By: Heather Schafer

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