Priscilla Ahn

Band: Priscilla Ahn
Venue: World Cafe Live
City: Philadelphia, PA
Date: August 22, 2009
photos: DerekBrad
Comments: Priscilla Ahn is a beautiful singer/songwriter from Pennsylvania that moved out to LA to pursue her dream of being a musician. That’s just a small part or will I say one of many cute stories that this cheerful young lady reveals in her earthy lyrics and personal songs.

On this night, she played one of my favorite songs that she wrote titled “Wallflower," which describes the lonely feeling of seclusion when a person is out of his or her comfort zone. The song paints the picture of an ostracized young lady at an unfamiliar party, hoping to find someone else just like herself that is also trying to fit in—the friend she never found.

Her soothing voice and melody makes her music one of those that you listen to and enjoy on a beautiful, lazy Sunday morning as lie in bed contemplating on your day/week ahead or your never-ending goals. Anyway, what I can say is that after listening to the sound of Ms. Ahn, you surely develop a somewhat personal connection with her view of the world.

Written by DerekBrad and Sheg Aranmolate

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