Sick Puppies

Band: Sick Puppies
Venue: The Note
City: West Chester, PA
Date: August 12, 2009
photographer: DerekBrad Photography
Comments: I stood in the dimly lit room in "The Note." Camera in hand and my eyes on the stage, I was ready to shoot the night's act: Sick Puppies.

There was an glimpse of excitment in my eyes as I got my camera ready for my night's assignment. Unlike many of the numerous acts that I shoot on regular basis, this band was different as there was a personal connection.

They first caught my attention a few years ago when they opened for Velvet Revolver, a band a friend and I had watched perform on several occasions. We were initially hesitant. However, after listening and watching them on stage, we were both impressed by their sound and performance that after the show we immediately looked them up online.

This time was surely exciting as I had the chance to shoot them personally (thanks to their manager: Paul Stepanek). Although, the room was dim and lacking many essential photographic elements, I was still able to capture the high energy of the band.

It was a fun night and I surely enjoyed myself. I recommend you check out there new album "Tri-Polar" as it is worth every cent. Now enough of my experiences, let's go watch and to listen to some really sick puppies.

written by: DerekBrad and Sheg Aranmolate


Mayumi said...

Sick Puppies is my favorite band! They rock!!! \m/
I wanna see them playing live... That must be awesome! *___*
Tri-Polar is a great CD!!!

Mo said...

What a fantastic collection, even with the bad lighting. I especially like the third, fifteenth, twenty-third, twenty-fifth, and twenty-ninth photo. Must have been fantastic to shoot Sick Puppies!

Unknown said...

Yes it was a difficult set to shoot because I of lighting and I had to shoot from the crowd since there is no photo pit at The Note. However the Puppies really bring it when they perform.


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