VNV Nation

Band: VNV Nation
Venue: TLA
City: Philadelphia, PA
Date: July 19, 2009
Photographer: DerekBrad
Comments: VNV Nation is a fan interaction experience and it was for me also since there was no photo pit up for this show I had to shoot from the audience. Everyone dances the entire set really everyone is jumping and dancing the entire set. Ronan Harris evens mentions to the crowd that their participation is wanted and expected. He tells them not to look through there little box camera screens and enjoy the show(thats right leave the photos to the professionals). The show is so high energy a girl in the front row passes out in the middle of a song. Ronan stopped singing and carried the girl off stage. The music continued on and he finished the set. Later on the girl came on stage and gave him a hug and thanked him for saving her.
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