Band: Matisyahu
Venue: Electric Factory
City: Philadelphia, PA
Date: July 8, 2009
Photography: DerekBrad Photography
Comments: This was one of the few shows of this magnitude that I got to shoot the entire set. Which made for excellent fan photos as well as capturing the energy of the show. The beginning of the show start of a little slow but by the middle and end it became a stage diving contest or so it seemed. Every single member of the band dove into the crowd. One of my favorite shots did however come in the first half hour of the night, I got to capture one member stage diving directly over me. Yes, I was literally laying on the concert floor and guessed when he was going to jump over me into the crowd! About a half hour after that is when more stage diving began and the night ended when Matisyahu pulled a fan up on stage then it was a rush and party on stage. Not to leave out that the beats, music and lyrics were sick!

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