Scott Weiland

Scott Weiland 
TLA Philadelphia, PA

I'm a fan of Scott Weiland as I believe that he is one of the best frontman in rock today.  I have seen many of artist perform live, well over a hundred and not many can match up to Scott's stage performance.  If you don't believe me you should see him live.  This time Scott played most of the set off his new album "Happy" so fans of Stone Temple Pilots were disappointed they only got to hear one STP song which is one of my personal favorite songs of all time "Interstate Love Song".  So Scott's new album is more of a lounge sounding album where you can sit back on a sunday afternoon or night and just listen, which was perfect since this happened to be a sunday -freezing- night. All in all I still enjoy a Scott Weiland show whether in STP, Velvet Revolver, or solo.

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