Blood Feathers : XPoNential Festival

Band: Blood Feathers
Event: XPoNential Festial
Date: July 18, 2010
City: Camden, NJ
Photographs: DerekBrad

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Silvana said...

I think I start to get a feeling for what this festival is all about! I definitely read a lot about it, but watching your pics while listening to the bands is definitely better publicity than all I could read about it. One day i will go there with one of my girls!

This band has a cool & relaxing sound and your pics tell the same! Pic 1 and 9 show how funny these guys seem to be (maybe I can win them for a drink one day, I´m sure I would laugh a lot)

Pic 8 is cool, coz you have all members of the band and the wxpn in the back! Good job!


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