Lights : Acoustic Tour

Musician: Lights
Event: Opening Night Acoustic Tour
City: Philadelphia, PA
Date: July 29, 2010

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Silvana said...

Did the same like I usually do when watching your pics of an artist I don´t know: Checked their Homepages & YouTube & listen to the songs while watching the pics.

Because of the songs & the describtion Lights made of herself the best pics for me are 1,7,12,18,19,21,24 and 27.
Absolute favorite (at first sight and finally)is pic Pic 19.

She says she´s making intergalactic-electro music, "Equal parts fantastical/epic/beautiful/emotional."

Pic 19 fulfills all of this in perfection.Especially coz of being a b&w and the way you captured the light.I really like that you can still see the filigree lines of the tattoo.A really expressive pic!

Pic 18 is just great, coz you can see how much fun the audience and the artist have. Great angle & cool to see how close they´ve been together.

And I love Pic 27. So much Happiness & as we all know #HappinessIsAddictive! Great to see her happy like that and to see the guy in the back who has at least as much fun as she does.

Okay, written too much, but these are really great pics. Thanks for that!


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